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Kojaycat supply quality Automotive & Marine cable from 0.5mm2 up to 60mm2 from stock, we can special order
heavier cables if required. Also from our large stocks we have superseal weather proof multiway connectors,
classic style 4.7mm bullet connectors as used on older cars and British Motorcycles, Japanese style 3.9mm bullet
connectors used on most Japanese and European motorcycles from the 1970's onwards, 2.8mm mini connectors
as standard fitment to Japanese motorcycle wiring looms, 6.3mm terminals and connectors.

We carry good stocks of all of the parts listed on the site with orders placed before 1.00pm
generally being despatched the same day, or next day at the latest. In the unlikely event that
we have a stock issue then you will be contacted with an update on your order status.

The Kojaycat website is configured to securely accept payments through paypal, you don't need to
have a paypal account as you can send a secure payment without opening an account with them.
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We have been building up a good stock supply of the hardest to find
connectors used on Japanese motorcycles from the 1970's to present
day machines. Not all of the connectors we have in stock are listed
on the website yet, so if you are looking for a specific connector please
contact us.


Our colour wiring diagrams?

Colour wiring diagram for a motorcycle


Right hand switch gear

The Kojaycat approach to colour diagrams makes it much easier for both the professional and novice to work on the electrics of their motorcycles. You can see from these screen shots how clear and concise the lines are.
Checkout the fantastic feedback that we have been receiving from all of our satisfied customers on ebay..

diagram of motocycle  Fuel injectors Diagram of ignition motorcycle coils


How much easier is it to use a Kojaycat diagram?

If you have active content enabled you can roll your mouse over these diagram's of clocks and warning light clusters from 2 different bikes, the equivalent Kojaycat colour drawing should appear.

workshop manual wiring diagram No.1 workshop manual wiring diagram No.2

Just look at how much easier the kojaycat drawing is to understand compared to the B&W version!

Roll your mouse pointer over this ECU picture

Wiring diagram of ECU
Typical ECU unit from a modern sports bike. Which version would you prefer to use?

All of our diagrams are drawn in the similar styles and to very high standards.The images used on our website are lower quality to enable them to load to your PC quicker. The actual laminated drawings are printed from very high quality files.